Commercial Design

Commercial Design Projects

Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture and Design are working on some very exciting commercial projects. As well as 280 residential units, we are working on the commercial spaces below which include a large fitness centre with spa, sauna and steam room, office and meeting rooms, a stylish concierge, coffee shop and bistro, beauty salon, and a specialist food market.


Gym & Concierge

Food Market, Coffee Shop & Barber Shop

Detailing for the Coffee Shop/ Bistro


Beauty Salon


HMS Queen Elizabeth

Celia Sawyer was asked to design the Officers’ Mess on the Royal Navy’s biggest ever warship HMS Queen Elizabeth. Celia has plans to make a real mark on the design and the future designs of the interiors of utilitarian ships.

she says “Just because this is a warship, it doesn’t mean it can’t have an attractive interior, the men and women who will be living on board want to feel that they are both valued and able to relax in a comfortable, well thought through common area. This-particularly on a long exercise- has got to extend to their wellbeing, maintenance of morale and hence contribute positively to the crew’s overall combat effectiveness”.

Celia was happy to work for the Royal Navy on a Pro bono basis.

Revised layout excluding bar area